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27 February

Recon Day


Immerse yourself in a dedicated day of Recon excellence, where you'll witness innovative techniques, live demonstrations, and engaging discussions to elevate your expertise in reconstructive surgery. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to stay at the forefront of advancements in Recon.


Participate in WST Festival to

Unlock a Universe of
Learning & Open Networking!


Hands-on Courses

Enhance your skills with immersive, practical learning experiences guided by expert instructors. Gain invaluable firsthand experience on human specimens and refine your techniques for success in the operating room.


Engaging in Educational Formats

Engage, learn, and innovate together in dynamic and interactive sessions. Join fellow participants, experts, and thought leader to explore, exchange ideas, and solve challenges collectively. Unlock new possibilities through teamwork and collaboration.


Live Surgeries

Experience the thrill and innovation of live surgeries in various captivating formats, including surgical battles and more. Witness renowned surgeons in action as they perform complex procedures in real time, showcasing cutting-edge techniques and advancements.


Exclusive Networking

Connect with renowned surgeons and industry leaders, fostering collaborations and unlocking new opportunities for your career

Daily Program

Every day we are working hard to make this festival incredible. Check back to see what is new. More details are coming soon!

WST Recon Surgeons

Ali Al Belooshi

Dubai, UAE

Max Ettinger

Oldenburg, Germany

Mohamed Omar

Hannover, Germany

Karina Bohlen

Hamburg, Germany

Christian Götze

Hannover, Germany

Maximilian Rudert

Würzburg, Germany

Holger Bäthis

Cologne, Germany

Stephanie Kirschbaum

Berlin, Germany


Hannover, Germany

Stefanie Donner

Berlin, Germany

Dinesh Nathwani

London, UK

Thorsten M. Seyler

Morrisville, NC


Limitless opportunities,
Limited Seats

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity! Due to high demand and limited availability, registrations are limited. Secure your spot now to ensure your participation in this highly anticipated event and be part of an exceptional experience.

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Recon Hands-on Course

Elevate your reconstructive surgery skills through immersive, practical learning. Gain invaluable firsthand experience and refine your Recon techniques in a dynamic educational setting.

Join us to acquire new knowledge, gain insights, and stay updated on the latest trends in Recon.

Elevate your expertise and advance patient outcomes at Recon Day! Join us for a transformative experience featuring innovative techniques, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities with leading reconstructive surgeons. Limited spots are available – secure yours now and invest in your professional growth. Don't miss this exceptional educational event!

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