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We are 
Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeons

World Surgery Tour is the ultimate education platform!

 We offer a variety of pathways so you can become the best surgeon by learning and networking with experts!


Surgical Events

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Connect, innovate, learn, and elevate at the WST Festival!

This annual event is an excellent opportunity for surgeons to come together and share their knowledge and experiences. Surgeons will have the chance to learn from one another, network with peers and colleagues, and gain insights into the latest advancements in surgical education. You won't want to miss this opportunity!

Hands-On Courses
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You’ve watched the best surgeons - now learn directly from them!

Each course follows our "OK,DOC!" principles which will show you step by step how to plan your surgery, pick the right implant and then perform the procedure in the best way. Leading surgeons will assist you in every step. We work with high-end facilities and provide you with the most advanced equipment.


Surgical Videos

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Gain the knowledge you need today, to perform your surgery tomorrow!

Watch the educational videos as often as you need, whenever you want, and from any location. They are all at your fingertips! You will find high-quality content, world-leading surgeons, step-by-step surgery methods, different educational formats, inspirational videos, and much more on this platform!

Make an account and enjoy unlimited access!

We have an announcement:

The entire WST TV platform is now FREE!

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Prof. Andreas Imhoff

This is a revolutionary work and I am very thankful that I am invited to be part of it. I have been to many events in my professional life. I therefore, dare to say, that World Surgery Tour is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Every surgeon can learn something here.


Anthony Romeo, MD

Fantastic program and production! Honored to be part of an incredible worldwide educational event. 

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PD Daniel Günther

I highly recommend this platform to every ortho and trauma surgeon. Lifelong learning is invaluable for our careers. The WST combines teaching, learning, and networking in an entertaining format. This is a unique project and I am thrilled I can contribute to it.

Step-by-step fracture treatment
and surgical approach videos


Renowned surgeons

Anatomical landmarks


An example of how you choose your unique educational path?

  1. Watch the surgical videos on WST TV

  2. Taking a Hands-On course. Then you are ready to practice on realistic cases. Our classes use human specimens.

  3. Learn the latest techniques from world-leading surgeons during the LIVE events.

  4. Become a master surgeon!


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