The World Surgery Tour (WST) is a series of live surgery events that will take you on an educational voyage around the globe.

The tour started in July and concluded with a 72-hour non-stop live surgery marathon for the GRAND FINAL on November 17th-20th from Boston/USA, Cologne/Germany and Brisbane/Australia!


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28 EACCME Credits badge-02.png

If you participate in the whole event, you get 28 EACCME® credit points. Every day of the Grand Final gives you EACCME® credit points:

17 Nov: 4 credits,18 Nov: 8 credits

19 Nov: 8 credits, 20 Nov: 8 credits.

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77 CME Credits badge-03.png

If you participate in the whole event, you get 77 CME credit points. For every 45 minutes you are participating you will receive 1 CME credit point.

Valid in Germany and Austria. 

(Ärztekammer Nordrhein) 


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