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  • What is the World Surgery Tour?
    The World Surgery Tour (WST) is a digital continuing education series in orthopedics and trauma surgery with a focus on spine surgery, recon, sports orthopedics and trauma surgery. The events combine hands-on live surgeries with a 3D virtual world so you can explore the event as an avatar, network with colleagues and experts, and follow along with the continuing education on the livestream. Surgeries performed by experts on lifelike pre-fractured human specimens generated by Rimasys [MW1] GmbH will be available to watch as a live stream in both the 3D virtual world and the "Cvent" event platform. The 3D virtual world will be accessible exclusively during the Grand Final. Continuing education credits by the medical associations will be requested for the events. The World Surgery Tour is an initiative of the RIMASYS GROUP.
  • Who is the World Surgery Tour for?
    Anyone interested can participate in the World Surgery Tour (WST). The training content has been developed primarily to meet the needs of surgeons specialized in trauma and orthopedic surgery, medical professionals and students.
  • Are the sessions of the World Surgery Tour certified?
    We applied for CME with Ärztekammer Nordrhein.
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