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The World Surgery Tour (WST) will span a series of live surgery events that will take you on an educational voyage around the globe. From one stop to the next, you will witness leading orthopaedic & trauma surgeons perform operations in realistic surgical conditions. Experience and learn as they overcome the most difficult challenges faced by contemporary reconstructive, spine, sports and trauma surgery; challenges that have been expertly recreated on pre-fractured & injured human specimens.


Not only can you watch scientific demonstrations and surgical battles, but you can also participate using our versatile streaming platform and online virtual event space. Interact live with the surgeons throughout their operations or participate in our debate club. 

The tour starts in July and will conclude with a 72-hour non-stop live surgery marathon for the GRAND FINAL on November 17th-20th!

Be a part of this unprecedented round-the-world educational journey


The five pillars of the World Surgery Tour

A continuous series of international events culminating in the inaugural “Grand Final”.

Crucial scientific questions, controversial techniques, and advanced technologies for evidence-based education. 

Three highly engaging formats: The Surgical Battle, the Scientific Demonstration and the Debating Club.

Leading international instructors with a passion for bringing together and teaching global KOLs, surgeons, scientists, industry partners & innovators. 

Professionally produced live streaming with cutting edge technology and experienced video production crews in combination with 3D avatar-based networking opportunities hosted by our online virtual world.

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