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Shoulder - BG meets
World Surgery Tour 

The event took place on 15 July 2021

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Certified by Ärztekammer Nordrhein

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BG meets World Surgery Tour was the kick-off event to our WORLD SURGERY TOUR.

During this live event, attendees were able to follow two leading BG trauma surgeons who performed a surgical battle on a pre-fractured human specimen: “Proximal Humerus: Nailing vs. Plating”.

This was a battle about philosophies and the question of who convinced the audience with his approach & result:

Dr. Oliver Trapp performed this treatment of a heavily fractured prox. humerus with a humeral nail or PD Dr. Jochen Franke, who was convinced that his treatment with a plate proved his philosophy.

Audiences learned from the best BG surgeons how to plan this complex surgery, treat the fracture, and of course, they shared their tips & tricks.

Both instructors were challenged by their directors and moderators of this event: Prof. P. Grützner and Prof. F. Stuby.

In addition, all 9 BG hospitals actively participated from their local auditoriums!

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