Welcome to the 3D World "Surgical Island"

We are excited to let you know that you can experience World Surgery Tour events virtually in-person in our
3D World – the Surgical Island, where you can:

  • exchange your ideas while watching the live stream;

  • meet the experts from the previous tour stops;

  • ​learn everything about the innovative products;

  • network with colleagues from across the globe.

Special Features 

World Surgery Tour - 3DWorld#3.png
World Surgery Tour - 3DWorld#4.png
World Surgery Tour - 3DWorld.png
World Surgery Tour - 3DWorld#2.png


Follow the sessions on the live stage, discuss with your peers from around the globe and ask your questions to the surgeons on stage.​


Experience all of the previous World Surgery Stops on demand and meet the experts. The CT-data is avialable to examine the case in detail.​


Explore the Grand Final with your personal customized avatar and exchange with our partners about the latest technical  innovations in surgery.​


Meet your peers from ccrous globe virtually in person and discuss your ideas in virtual private lounges. Stay in touch by adding them to your contactlist.​

Discover how to create your avatar for Grand Final

Let´s meet in Surgical Island!